It bothers me_pt1


Anything bother you about this picture?
On December 03 2006, magnetic ben posted about his design disease. A lot of people have commented in agreement. I’ve tried to avoid joining in, but there is something I find worryingly troubling. It’s all because of improvements at work. New elevators have been installed. So new flooring has been laid. I didn’t see the flooring people at work, but it irks me they didn’t line up the join in the floor with the join in the elevator doors. I’m sure they had good, pragmatic, practical reasons, but it bothers me. Every time I walk up the stairs. Hopefully, now I’ve got it off my chest, I can move on.


4 responses to “It bothers me_pt1

  1. Oh yes. That is very annoying.

  2. And why do people have to write signs where Every Word Has To Start With A Capital Letter?

  3. It would really bother me.
    I have a major problems when any (domestic/industrial) ceramic tiling is not lined up. See bathroom post’s on dgthekneelo, it has caused me a lot of trouble in the past!

  4. It’s Still Bothering Me. Every Tuesday. I Now Take The Other Stairs.

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