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One of the differences I’ve found between design and illustration is you have to be more careful with your time. If you don’t record it, you can’t charge for it. And invoicing becomes a lengthy sift through diaries, emails, and layout pads. Back in the day when i was 99% illustrator , it was so much easier. Jobs rarely grew out of control, and time spent organising them was minimal. So you’ve got to have a system. This is my reminder to turn on the clock if need be, and definitely to invoice promptly. Most important bit of kit in the studio. Much more useful than my head.


This is Martin. A copywriter who claims he ‘probably copies more than he writes’. He’s blogging again. Because Clare thought he had something to say. Read what he’s got to say here.

Linking nicely with ben’s design disease, Matthew Knight has a great project.
‘The Visual Dictionary is a collection of words in the real world. Photographs of signage, graffiti, advertising, tattoos, you name it, we’re trying to catalogue it.’  Thanks to Phil for bringing it to my attention.

Bottom of trafalgar st, brighton. This was under the practical phrenology signage which was under the fresh & dried signage


Last month I promised to post a picture of Goldsmith’s main entrance. How very grand it is. Sorry it took so long, david.